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Bob Bowman is the Head Coach of Arizona State University's Swimming & Diving Team. Coach Bowman served as Team USA's Head Olympic Swimming Coach for the 2016 Rio Games. And, as you already know, coached the greatest Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, throughout his entire illustrious career. Now, in retirement, Michael cooks Bob dinner several nights a week while he gets to play with the kids.

Brett and Bob begin with corona virus and Coach Bowman's decision to redshirt his entire team.
Several years ago Bob gave a speech entitled, "The Characteristics of Champions". In this episode, Brett turns the tables to find out how these characteristics relate to him, Bob Bowman, as a champion swim coach.

"How do I become the next Bob Bowman?" - Brett Hawke

Brett and Bob go through each of his champion characteristics:

Champions have a clear plan for success in achieving their goals.
Champions produce normal and predictable performances in very abnormal and unpredictable environments.
Champions rehearse success on a daily basis -- physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Champions value the process of success more than any particular outcome.
Champions have a dream.
Champions have a passion for pursuing their vision of success that will overcome obstacles, get them through the tough times, and carry them to spectacular performances throughout their career.


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