Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier III Pre-Fight Analysis & much much more AMA 87 1/2- Coach Zahabi

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Talking about what think will happen for McGregor vs Poirier III

Video gets cut off please find the continuation here

Are you a Control Freak?

If not, you should be! In the world of Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, control is everything.

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In the first volume of this exciting new series Coach, Zahabi teaches you powerful details on how to maintain control of advantageous positions. Volume 1. of the Control Freak series is dedicated to teaching the secrets of controlling the back. Learn from one of the most experienced trainers in Martial Arts.

In this series, you will learn…

Rule Number 1 ( organizing your hands)
Avoid getting into a tug of war ( trapping hands)
Getting the Neck
Getting to the Straight Jacket
The Headrest position
The clamp from the Back
Pendulum sweep the opponents' stacks you
Countering common escapes
Retaking the back
Locking Down your opponent
The twister Hook
The Zip Tie
The Collar Hitch

And so much more...

This video runs for 1hr with zero dead time or fluff! Coach Zahabi gets straight to point with his Unique Madden Style illustration and coaching. You will learn many key gems that will take you game to the next level!

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